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Kadison Hipel

Kadison is the President and Founder of Hipel Pools, a swimming pool builder based in Kitchener, Ontario. With active participation in well over 100 pool builds and thousands of service calls Kadison is well versed in all things pools.

Blog Post by Kadison Hipel

Kadison Hipel10-Jun-2024 8:59:14 PM6 min read

Automatic Pool Covers: Are They Worth It?

Are Automatic Pool Covers Worth It? Being fortunate enough to own a pool is one thing, ...
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Kadison Hipel25-Mar-2024 9:40:18 PM10 min read

Top 5 Small Fiberglass Pools For An Epic Transformation

Top 5 Small Fiberglass Pools For An Epic Transformation
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Kadison Hipel26-Feb-2024 9:02:47 PM6 min read

Is A Hot Tub Pool Combo The Right Choice For You?

Inground pools with built-in or attached spas are becoming a major trend and we wanted to ...
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Kadison Hipel30-Sep-2023 3:01:13 PM13 min read

Pool Covers – The Ultimate Guide

Pool Covers - The Ultimate Guide Pool covers play an important role in maintaining and ...
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Kadison Hipel18-Apr-2023 12:16:39 PM6 min read

Solar Pool Blankets – The Good & The Bad – Honest Review

Are you considering the purchase of a solar pool blanket? If so, you’ve come to the right ...
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Kadison Hipel19-Dec-2022 6:50:08 AM6 min read

Pool Evaporation – How Much Water Can Evaporate From A Pool In A Day?

An outdoor swimming pool typically loses around 1/4″ of water daily to evaporation, ...
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Kadison Hipel16-Apr-2022 4:20:28 PM6 min read

Are Winter Safety Pool Covers The Best Winter Pool Cover?

A Deep Dive Into Winter Safety Pool Covers Winter safety pool covers are the easiest and ...
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Kadison Hipel1-Apr-2022 5:46:27 PM2 min read

What is a Cleardeck System? – Review & Cost

What is a Cleardeck System? If you have an inground pool or are considering one you ...
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Kadison Hipel7-Nov-2021 12:31:55 PM4 min read

Top Swimming Pool Contractors In Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge

Who Are The Best Swimming Pool Contractors in Kitchener, Waterloo & Cambridge? ...
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Kadison Hipel23-Oct-2021 6:08:02 AM2 min read

Fiberglass Pools Canada Prices, How Much Does A Fiberglass Pool Cost?

How Much Does A Fiberglass Pool Cost In Canada? You’ve scoured the internet, done some ...
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